Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 35 - 3/30/09

Welp, it's t-minus 4 days now so I don't guess the title of this shatty blog is appropriate anymore. I apologize tremdously for any confusion this may have caused all .24 of you that read this.

Uh, nothing much going on as usual. I got doinked out of the NCAAB pool at work. I lost a 1, 2, two 3's, and a 4 seed in a matter of 3 days. Fucking great! Jimmy Johnson drove his ass off yesterday and Tiger was Tiger. Look out Augusta, or I guess I should say look out fellow Masters competitors. Heeeeee's back.

In other news the Shamwow guy......

.... got in a little trouble this past weekend. Apparently, to all you hookers out there....RESPECT THE SHAMWOW GUY!!! According to The Smoking Gun he got a hooker and crossed the line by kissing her with the tongue. I've never been with a hooker, but even my dumbass knows you NEVER kiss a hooker. It's against the commonly accepted practices of hookering (CAPH). Not to mention, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PUT YOUR TONGUE IN A FUCKING HOOKER'S MOUTH?!?!?!?! Anyhoo, when he did that the hooker bit his tongue and wouldn't let go until it either thundered or he beat the living shit out her. He chose not to wait on the storm and smashed her face up pretty good/bad. Depends on how you look at it I guess.

Also, my Wii got really smart yesterday. I connected it online for the first time. For some reason I made that shit extremely hard the first 18 times I tried to do it and then yesterday I dug deep and harnished my inner Chinaman and fuggerred it out. Shit's pretty cool. You can get the weather and all that and you can buy some of the classic NES games. Here's what got me though. I was sippin on some sauce watching UNC smack the shit out of Blake Griffin and the Sooners and all of a sudden my Wii starting winking at me and it was turned off. There is a blue light that comes on only when you are putting a disc in or taking one out. Well, the light started winking at me. I felt like the money I could be saving with Geico was staring at me. So I turn the bitch on and my Wii is telling me that I have new messages because there is an update that I can install. Wow, technology these days. So, this made me think about what the future holds technology wise and what I think would be best for dAndy.

How cool would it be if they made a TV that had the capability to have a smaller picture within in the big picture of something different from what you are watching on the big picture?

I think having a toilet that automatically flushed would be AWESOME. I'm suprised no one has invented that yet.

Someone should make a website in which anyone could freely write about things going on in the world and in their daily lives. Kind of like a weB LOG or something.

How awesome would it be if someone made shoes that had air in them and you could have a little pump thing on it and control the level of air in the shoes. Do you think you could jump higher with air shoes?

I think that it would be neat if a purse for men was invented. It shouldn't be like a regular purse though. I think it should be something you could wear on your hip like a pack or something.

If I can think of any other life chaning inventions I'll update you accordingly.

{Image via The Good the Bad and the Ugly}


King Dominic said...

You knwo what else would be sweet?

If someone would come up with a phone you could take anywhere you went. You could have a conversation ANYWHERE! That'd be really cool.

King Dominic said...

Annnnnd again, my typing goes crazy. I hate Mondays.